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Medical Dermatology:
Vienna Dermatology Services
Surgical Dermatology:
Cosmetic Dermatology:
Acne, Eczema, Fungal Infection. Hyperhidrosis (excessive sweatiness), Keloid, Hair Loss, Psoriasis, Rash, Rosacea, Skin Cancer screen, Vitiligo and more.
Vienna Dermatology offers full spectrum of medical, surgical, cosmetic dermatological treatment. We have outstanding results.

We provide a variety of services including:
Age spot removal, Benign skin lesion removal, Earlobe tear reconstruction, Scar revision, Mole removal, Skin cancer removal, Skin tag removal, Wart removal, and more.
Botox and Dysport injection, Chemical peels, Filler injections (Juvederm, Restylane, Perlane, Sculptra), Laser skin rejuvenation, Hair removal, Spider vein treatment (Laser, Slerotherapy) and more.
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Our Service High-Lights:

Acne, rosacea: besides other regular medical treatment we also use Accutane, laser treatment for scars after acne, micro-dermabrasion, chemical peels with great success.

Keloid (hypertrophic scars): combined topical treatment, injection, surgical removal. 

​- Hyperhidrosis (excessive sweatiness): topical, systemic treatment, botox injection.  

Skin cancer/precancerous lesions: combined treatment (Aldara, Efudex, surgical removal, laser) for the best result.

Skin revision scar/reconstruction (include earlobe tear, old scars) with cosmetic, invisible suture (intradermal cosmetic stitches), especially on face and exposure skin areas.

- Skin rejuvenation with combined techniques of Botox A or Dysport injection, fillers (lip, buccal fossae, body enhancing, contouring, skin tightening), resurfacing laser treatment (Elos fraxel, Candela GentleMax lasers), chemical peels, micro-dermabreasion. 

Vascular treatment: (spider vein, varicose vein on face, legs, parts of body) using sclerotherapy (injection), laser treatment. 

Melasma (skin pigmentation): or sunspots, liver spots: using most effective customized topical compound or laser treatment.

​- Unwanted moles, skin lesions: removal, erase moles, birth-marks (black, red, strawberry, café-au-lait color), growths, lesions, skin tags, etc. with minimal scars. 

Hair loss: customized treatments, techniques for different types of hair loss with excellent results.

- Eczema, psoriasis, discoid lupus, sarcoidosis, etc: combined trearment (topical or systemic) for these chronic disease with great control.

-Hirsutism (excessive hair): Topical or Laser hair removal (with #1 effective laser hair removal laser using Candela GentleMax Pro)

-Stretch mark: (due to pregnancy, weight gain, diseases) treatment using fraxel laser. 

-Skin tightening treatment:  for aging skin relaxing using fraxel laser. 
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