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"Vienna Dermatology is the best Dermatology Clinic in town, where you can trust and expect miracles. Dr. Nguyen's artistic and magical touches make the differences."

Vienna, 03/08/2013
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" I'm so glad that I came to Vienna Dermatology to see Dr. Nguyen and have treatment done. I got so many comments about how good my skin is and how young I looked. Thank you."
Erica. Woodbrigde, VA. 5/2013.
" I had severe acne scars for years. I thought that I would had bad skin for life. Sometime, I just don't want to go out because of my skin. After 3 laser treatments by Dr. Nguyen, my skin looks great. I'm dating now. Life is good!" Nathan. Frederick, MD. 9/2013. 
" I had uncontrolled psoriasis for more than 15 years, treated with many different medication without success. I started following up with Dr. Nguyen in the past 6 months. My skin has improved > 80% and is under control most of the time. I'm very satisfied with the treatment." Elaine. Springfield. VA. 8/2013.  
" I had many filer injection from other doctors before. I was told that my skin absorbs the filers so fast therefore it does not works for me. I tried the filer injection by Dr. Nguyen and It worked! I enjoy my much younger look now." Mary. Alexandria, VA. 11/2013. 
" Thanks to Dr. Nguyen and Accutane, my acne is clear. I have my beautiful skin back." Amy. Lorton, VA. 1/2014.
" As a guy, I never think I need a cosmetic procedure done, until my grandchildren asked me if I'm drunk, since my face was so red. I came to Vienna Dermatology, had laser treatment with Dr. Nguyen. My face is back to normal skin color. My grand kids forgot that I used to have red blotches on my face." Scott. Dumfries.VA. 2/2014. 
" I had a pimple on my nose for almost a year.I tried to squeeze it but it never went away. I just ignored it. When I came to see Dr. Nguyen for my poison ivy, she noticed the pimple and recommended to biopsy it. Turn out it was a skin cancer. She removed, tested, sutured my skin with cosmetic stitches. Now I just barely see the scar and my  nose is looked just as normal as before. Dr. Nguyen had saved my life, my face. Thank you." Margaret. Vienna. VA. 2/2014. 
" Vienna Dermatology becomes my routine beauty checked up clinic. I come to Dr. Nguyen and she takes care of my skin issues. She just does what she thinks I need because I trust her. I'm always happy with the result. It's great that you can completely trust." Nancy. McLean. VA. 4/2014. 
" I have dark spots on my face 4-5 yrs and I hate it. After trying many different creams, lotions, microdermabrasion, laser, etc. in other skin clinic, I came to Dr. Nguyen. She treats my skin with a combination regimen of laser, medication, customized cream. After 2 months, my skin already looks much better. I can't wait to see my clear skin and don't have to use make up everyday." Vanessa. Falls Church. VA. 5/2014. 
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Dr. Nguyen is good Doctor who listens when you have concerns, my visits are always pleasant and friendly. I truly feel Doctor Nguyen is a great asset to her patients. I feel Doctor Nguyen always takes my concerns to heart. I highly recommend her. 5/2014

Dr. Nguyen has the best bedside manner of any Dr. I have ever been to. I highly recommend her to all of my family and friends. Awesome experience from making the appointment to having the procedure done. Thank you Dr. Nguyen for making me feel at ease. 9/2014.

Dr. Nguyen is outstanding! Very personable and professional. Clearly discusses all options and makes excellent suggestions. I love having Dr. Ngyuen as my Dermatologist! She is the best dermatologist I have ever used and will continue to use forever. 10/2014.

very kind, sweet, and compassionate, she took her time with me and did a thorough job regarding the procedure, explaining things before and after, and listening to my response. I would definitely recommend her. 10/2014

Dr. Nguyen is a patient listener and worked to resolve my concerns. As a 64 year old woman, raised in a pre-sunscreen era, I see her mostly to repair sun damage. Improvements in my skin have been subtle and I am very happy. 4/2015.

The best Dr I have. Love how she makes me feel at ease and has fantastic bedside manner. I have and will recommend her to anyone who needs a dermatologist. thank you Dr Nguyen for being so awesome. 5/2015.

I saw Dr. Nguyen for deep wrinkles on my face. She checked my skin thoroughly then discussed the treatment options and her recommendations. I chose Botox injection since my son's wedding is coming in 3 weeks and I wanted to look good. I'm a bit skeptical about Botox because it was my first time but Dr. Nguyen had put me at ease. It was a smooth and painless treatment. My face relaxes right the day after injection and kept improving. I was amazed with the good natural looking result. I got many compliments on my son's wedding. And the best is that I didn't have to spend lots of money for the treatment since Dr. Nguyen did not use too much Botox. I'm so glad to find Dr. Nguyen. Love her! AJ. Vienna. 6/2016.
I had skin cancer on my face, was biopsied and removed by Dr. Nguyen. My insurance did not pay for the procedure because I did not meet my deducted amount. Dr. Nguyen and her staff contacted my insurance many times for the issue. She finally gave me a discount so I could have the cancer removed. The excision turned out great. I just barely see the scar. That's a top notch service! Thanks. Mike K. S. Arlington. 3/2017. 
I had laser treatment for dark spots on my face by Dr. Nguyen. It's amazing that the dark skin color is fading significantly after just 2 sessions. My wrinkles and facial hairs almost gone too. She also mix a cream for me to use at night which is a miracle!!! Dr. Nguyen does the laser treatment herself, not her technician like other places. I'd treated dark pigmentation on my face for a couple of years now. Nothing helps and very costly. I'm so happy :). Anita. Woodbridge. 8/2017.